Staying well when social distancing

Coronavirus - SocialDistancing Staying well when social distancing
Social distancing the Strolls With Poles way

Whilst the key workers (including Julie) are all keeping things going, the rest of us will be either self isolating or just staying home and social distancing, like we’re told. Those over 70 and with underlying health conditions have been asked to stay indoors for 12 weeks. This is likely to be challenging, especially for those of us who are used to getting outdoors. The advice to help cope with social distancing appears to be based around 10 steps.

  • Establish a daily routine
  • Balance your weekly routine
  • Think about which regular activities are most important to you
  • Set daily goals
  • Identify the triggers that make you feel low
  • Talk with family, friends and neighbours
  • Take care of yourself
  • Avoid staying still for too long
  • Have a good sleep routine
  • Keep in touch – you can contact us at any time.

How can I do this, I hear you you say. Well we’ve put together a bunch of links to resources that can help. Thanks to Julie’s colleagues who have given us permission to share. See below.

The activity pack especially looks great. I’ve tried the “Cake in a mug” recipe already and it’s not bad. I like chocolate pudding a little sweeter and more chocolatey, so more sugar and cocoa next time. I recommend a very big mug.

If we get any more useful information we’ll add it to the this post.

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