High Cup Nick Recce – 16th June 2019

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High Cup Nick

High Cup Nick is a place we have been considering for a while. It’s not a traditional Northumberland walk but it is one of those iconic Pennine locations.

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Memory Walk Recce – 15th June 2019

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We decided to recce the Memory Walk, which will take place on Saturday 26th October. The decision had already been made to do the walk in Druridge Bay, mainly because of it’s length. It’s just long enough to get a 22km walk in. What we didn’t know was exactly where the half way points of each walk would be. So, off we went to find out.

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Sutton Bank Recce – 19th May 2019

To round off the International Nordic walking day weekend we decided to take a look at the Sutton Bank walk. Anyone who has been to North Yorkshire is likely to be aware of Sutton Bank. Maybe even have memories of the car struggling up the steep road. The lake around Sutton Bank offers much more than you would normally see from the road.

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Haltwhistle and Lambley Recce – 13th May 2019

It was a nice day and I fancied a long walk. We had an idea for a walk from Haltwhistle and one of the many books, that we have, had this one in it. It is a circular walk from Haltwhistle and of a reasonable length. So, it was perfect for a day walk.

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The Wannie Line Recce – 23rd May 2019

It was a nice day and nothing much to do. So, after considering some the list of new walks that we have, Martin decided to take a look at the Wannie Line. Some of you might have already done a walk round here. It’s very popular with walking groups and is on National Trust land, the Wallington Estate to be specific.

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Barnard Castle & Teesdale Way – 6th May 2019

We were at a loose end on Easter Monday, so we needed something to do. The weather forecast wasn’t too good, so higher level walks were discounted early. One option was a river walk from Barnard Castle, along the Teesdale Way. It looked reasonably easy and, even if it did rain, it wouldn’t be too bad. We picked Anne up and off we went.

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Roseberry Topping Recce – 29th September 2018

RoseberryTopping - RoseberryToppingRecce_29092018M-2.jpeg

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Wall and Heavenfield Recce 2nd September 2018

A free Sunday gave me a chance to recce the Wall and Heavenfield walk.  I previously guided this walk a few years ago and decided to add this shorter but very varied walk to our programme. Continue reading “Wall and Heavenfield Recce 2nd September 2018”

Blanchland Recce Number 2 – 26th August 2018

The last time that we checked out the route for the Newbiggin and the Carriers’ Way (Blanchland) walk was back in March of this year (First Blanchland recce).  We were planning on doing that walk the weekend after the Recce.  However, plans had to change when we found that the snow on the moor was over two feet deep in places, making it very hard going and extremely difficult to navigate.  It was too dangerous to take people out on.  So, we set the new date for this walk as the 1st September.

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Sycamore Gap Recce – 11th August 2018

We didn’t have a fully planned route for the Sycamore Gap walk, so we went out to see what we could find.  This time we started at The Sill Visitor Centre.  It has a large car park and a cafe, so we had a cuppa before setting out. Continue reading “Sycamore Gap Recce – 11th August 2018”