Memory Walk Recce – 15th June 2019

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We decided to recce the Memory Walk, which will take place on Saturday 26th October. The decision had already been made to do the walk in Druridge Bay, mainly because of it’s length. It’s just long enough to get a 22km walk in. What we didn’t know was exactly where the half way points of each walk would be. So, off we went to find out.

The weather was perfect and the tide was out, for now. The walk up the beach was wonderful and we could really Nordic Walk using the full technique and it felt good. In no time we found ourselves at the 3.5km mark. This is the half-way point for the 7km walk and where that walk turns back.

After recording the location, we set off for the next objective, the mid point of the 14km walk. We knew that it would be in the region of Druridge Bay Country Park and it was. At this point the 14km walkers can visit the loo or get a cuppa at the Visitors Centre, before turning back. We visited the loo but didn’t turn back.

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Onwards towards Hauxley. It’s only 4km further up the coast. It didn’t take long and we arrived about lunchtime, so we availed ourselves of the excellent facilities at the Nature Reserve. Refuelled for the return journey, we set off.

By the time we had returned to the beach, the tide had come in, so we needed to use the coastal route for part of the walk back. This route runs along the dunes for the whole way back but we decided to return to the beach. It was hard going, as the sand was softer further up the beach, but we made it back.

Luckily we arrived back before The Drift Cafe closed, so we could enjoy tea and cake, before heading home.

Julie and Martin x

If you liked the sound of this walk, why not take a look at our other walks and keep an eye out for this walk, as we will be loading it onto the website soon.


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