Top feedback

Feedback we received from adults with autism who have been to one of our training sessions. 

  • “My daughter and I tried Nordic Walking/Strolls with Poles on the recommendation of a ‘Gait Specialist’ to help her with her walking stability.  The day was wonderful and Julie and Martin were very attentive from the start. They were very inclusive with my daughter who couldn’t pick it up as easily as the main group. Julie’s understanding of her challenges was exceptional, and through her support my daughter felt she really had succeeded! We will definitely be joining other walks.”
  • “It was really good and it was my first time doing it and I thought I did a great job. I’m proud of myself.”
  • “Great walk with Strolls with Poles. Julie is fantastic and taught us Nordic walking. It was quite hard for us to coordinate ourselves but Julie has great patience and didn’t seem to mind repeating herself . It was really good fun, I’m looking forward to the next one! Julie is a really nice friendly lady. If you’ve ever fancied trying Nordic walking, give Strolls with Poles a go. Bet we sleep well tonight ladies!”

Kerry (a carer for an autistic adult) – “Strolls With Poles what an amazing group you are.”

North Tyneside Carers after attending a walk gave feedback:

  • “It has given me an opportunity to meet other carers and share our experiences”
  • “I have learnt a new skill that I can apply in my self care”
  • “Sharing experiences with other carers has great benefits – an opportunity to try something different is really worthwhile.”  
  • “A good way of meeting and talking to other carers. The activity was very well organised and was fun. Would recommend it.”, “I feel more able to give myself permission to self care”. 
  • “Everyone was so friendly and the Strolls with Poles people were so professional and helpful. Really enjoyed it and can’t wait to go again and blow away the cobwebs. Made me feel alive”, 
  • “Taking part in the Nordic Walk session not only introduced me to a new activity but also to people in a similar position to me. It was good to talk to folks who had an understanding and empathy of the situation of caring for a loved one and how this can change your world overnight. Julie and Martin who led the session were encouraging and fun, I have since done another walk with them and plan to keep on with this most pleasurable activity. Thank you for introducing me to Nordic Walking and I look forward to participating in other events when I can.”
  • “Such a lovely thing to do. Walking and talking is one of the best therapies and I met some lovely people in the group”, 

A colleague with Parkinson’s said “Nordic walking helps with posture, balance, coordination, cardio and overall fitness. Being outdoors helps you get more fresh air, feel good and manage your Parkinson’s. Most people with Parkinson’s can take part in Nordic walking, whatever stage they’re at in their journey.”