Looking back on Warkworth to Amble – Jan 2018

This is the first of the posts where we will look back on some of our walks. In this one we are looking back on Warkworth to Amble. Maybe it’ll help you remember and think about the next time you can get out. Hopefully soon.

Warkworth to Amble was the first walk that we did as Strolls With Poles and it was a very good one. There were a lot of you on this one and this definitely helped to make it one of the best.

WarkworthAmble - WarkworthAmble_06012018M-2
Looking back on Warkworth to Amble
Amble dunes

The start – Warkworth

We all met up in Warkworth Car Park beside the Coquet River. It was a chilly but bright day, very good for January. A quick stop at the toilets and off we went, heading along the Coquet for a short distance. As it was winter, the trees in Mill Walk Wood had no foliage and it gave a lovely contrast to the typical view here in the summer.

We didn’t go too far towards Mill Walk Wood, where the ferry to The Hermitage is, before we turned and climbed up towards the Castle. The lack of foliage gave us a lovely view of the river through the trees. Unfortunately, we don’t appear to have a picture of it, but we can assure you it was lovely.

WarkworthAmble - WarkworthAmble_06012018M-16
Warkworth Castle

The Coquet

Continuing on past the castle, we crossed the road and walked down towards the River Coquet again, on it’s way to Amble. Usually there’s a heron here, watching the weir for fish. We don’t think we were disappointed. This is one of the favourite spots for bird watchers. It’s where the sea meets the river and the weir is often covered at high tide. Both seabirds and fresh water birds are attracted here.

WarkworthAmble - WarkworthAmble_06012018M-13
Looking back on Warkworth to Amble
Warkworth weir

Flower power

Further along we turned off towards Amble marina and down towards the jetty. Instead of going to the jetty we took a route through the streets of Amble before crossing a field towards the Links. It was here we spotted an odd set of flower pots outside a cottage. A line of wellington boots of all colours and all containing beautiful flowers.

Looking back on Warkworth to Amble
Flower boots

Coasting along

Before long we were on the dunes and the panoramic sea views were upon us. It was an incredible clear day and we got great views of Coquet Island. Coquet Island is home to thousands of birds and is famous as hosting 90% of the UK population of Roseate Terns. But, for many people, it’s not the terns or the oystercatchers or kittiwakes or fulmars. It’s the colourful puffins and their cute and peculiarly named offspring, the pufflings.

WarkworthAmble - WarkworthAmble_06012018M-3 Looking back on Warkworth to Amble
The shore and Coquet Island

After a pleasant walk along the dunes, the plan was to turn round and go back the way we had come. However, one of the group put temptation in our way. He suggested that Hauxley Nature Reserve wasn’t too much further and The Lookout Cafe would be open. It was a lovely day and this was way too tempting to ignore. Everyone agreed that a couple of extra miles wouldn’t do any harm, and besides, we could have a break there. Off we went.

Diversion to Hauxley

WarkworthAmble - WarkworthAmble_06012018J-4
Off to Hauxley

Before long we were at Hauxley and tucking into soup, scones and cake, washed down with plenty of tea and coffee. We enjoyed our meal whilst watching the birds through the panoramic window. Needless to say, whilst this was the first Strolls With Poles visit to the Lookout Cafe, it wasn’t the last.

Back to the beginning

Fuelled up we set off back the way we had came. One little diversion was to get onto the beach. Always a favourite for us Nordic Walkers.

WarkworthAmble - WarkworthAmble_06012018M-9 Looking back on Warkworth to Amble

The pace quickened a bit as, being only two weeks after the winter solstice, the sun was going down. Quickly across the dunes and back through Amble. Out of Amble via the marina and along the river.

WarkworthAmble - WarkworthAmble_06012018J-8 Looking back on Warkworth to Amble
Back along the river

Rounding the day off

Once back into Warkworth, some of decided to visit Bertram’s Cafe and we said farewell to others. Cake in Bertram’s was a great way to round off a great first walk as Strolls With Poles.

We hope you enjoyed looking back on Warkworth to Amble. Stay safe and look out for the next one.

Julie and Martin

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