Newburn to Wylam – 10th February 2018

Guide:  Julie
Helper/Volunteer:  Ruth
Weather:  Light shower followed by sunshine
Distance of walk:  8 miles

This was a walk suggested by both Russell and Martyn.  The walk started in the Tyne Riverside Country Park and went North to Wylam along the track bed of the old railway made a fantastic surface to walk along.

John was pointing out to the group birds and foliage along the way.

We were passed in the opposite direction by a large group of people and dogs, they were taking part in a sponsored walk in aid of breast cancer.  As you can imagine I was in my element.

We also passed in front of Stephenson’s Cottage.  (The home of the famous railway engineer, George Stephenson.)

At the end of the track we headed up onto Wylam High Street.   A few of the group went to the pub whilst the rest of us headed into The Coffee Tree cafe.  Orange cake, scones, sausages sandwiches etc were consumed before we all headed back down the hill.

We crossed the Wylam Bridge and had a group shot on the bridge over the railway line.

Next we followed the Keelman’s Way footpath past the Ryton Golf Course. There is an area where you can see smoke rising from the ground.  This is believed to be burning from the former Clara Vale mine workings and two former ponds filled with spoil and aggregates from the mine could be the source.

Parts of the ground were quite muddy, cue my opportunity to slip, landing on both knees.  Luckily Russell with the camera was too far away.

We walked through the Ryton Willows Nature Reserve towards Newburn Bridge.  Paul, Kirsten, Ken and me were intrigued watching a Cormorant dive and appear quite a way down the river.

We crossed the Newburn Bridge to head back to the Country Park passing by the Boathouse pub which is steeped in history regarding the great floods of Britain from 1771 – 1852.  There are markings engraved on the outside of the pub on the brick walls to show the different levels.

We got back to Hedley’s Riverside Coffee shop and yet more cake and tea were eaten.

It was great to welcome back Paul, Kirsten, John, Karen, Claire and Kim, as well as the usual suspects.  I hope you all enjoyed the walk. Thank you to Ruth, for her help as always.

The next walk is on 18th February and starts at Ebchester and takes us through Milkwellburn Wood.   I hope you can join me.



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