Where did the name Nordic Nuts come from?

Have you wondered where the name Nordic Nuts came from?

Well …

When I first started leading Nordic walks (5 years ago) the group decided that we needed a nickname.  A lot of thought was put into the name and we decided on Nordic Nuts.  Following the inception of Strolls with Poles in December 2017 the name has followed us.

It became our tradition that if we walked on a beach someone would draw a heart in the sand with the words “Nordic Nuts” and the date of the walk in it.

About 10 of us took part in the 10K Nordic walk as part of the Grasmere Gallop and most of us wore a t-shirt which had been designed by Martin.  We caught the eye of the photograph from the Cotswold Outdoor Shop and we were on the Cotswold Facebook page.

We leave it up to people’s imagination as to why we are called “Nuts” but if anyone has met us they make their minds up very quickly.

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