Souter Lighthouse to South Shields – Jan 2020


Date: 18th January 2020
Start time: 10 am
Distance: 8 miles
Difficulty: Easy

Event Expired


Souter Lighthouse to South Shields

The walk from Souter Lighthouse to South Shields, and back, starts close to one of the most recognisable buildings on this coast, Souter Lighthouse.  From here we will walk along some of the best limestone coastline in Britain.  A lot of it is grassy paths and is great for Nordic Walking.

The start

We start in Souter Lower Car Park.  From here we can join the England Coast Path and follow the coast to the North.  Soon we pass under Souter Lighthouse at Lizard Point.

Seaburn to Marsden Grotto 2


The next significant landmark on the walk is Marsden Grotto.  We might visit this on the way back but, tide allowing, we might have an option of walking down the steps to Marsden Sands to Velvet Beds, at the other end of the beach.

Seaburn to Marsden Grotto 6

The Leas

At this point we will be on the Leas.  There are three Leas, Marsden Lea, Frenchman’s Lea and Trow Lea.  Marsden Lea provides a great opportunity to see Marsden Bay and Marsden Rock from the top of the cliff.

The walk along the Leas passes several small, interesting bays on the way.  It eventually leads to the the largest of these bays, Frenchman’s Bay.  This bay is not accessible but it does show the geological make up of this coast in the layering of the rocks on the cliff.

Souter_Lighthouse_South_Shields - Souter_Lighthouse_South_Shields_Recce-2.jpg

Frenchman’s Battery and Trow Point

The next section of the walk passes near three small mounds in an otherwise flat grassy area.  These are not natural.  They are the covered over remnants of Frenchman’s Battery.  This battery was completed in 1905 and was similar to the one behind Tynemouth Priory, but was abandoned in 1943 after a varied history.

Souter_Lighthouse_South_Shields - Souter_Lighthouse_South_Shields_Recce-4.jpg

As we walk down towards South Shields promenade we pass Trow Point.  There is nothing particularly interesting about this large raised rocky area, except that there is quite a substantial gun on it.  This is a replica of the Disappearing Gun, which was installed and tested here by Sir Hiram Maxim in 1887.

Souter_Lighthouse_South_Shields - Souter_Lighthouse_South_Shields_Recce-6.jpg

After a short break for refreshments and for everyone to take a look around South Shields sea front, we will head back along the coast to the starting point.

This walk is on our home turf and we would love to see you here and introduce you to our area.

Julie and Martin x


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This shows the start location for this walk.

Nearest postcode: SR6 7SF
OS Grid Reference: NZ 41112 63490

Parking: Souter Lower Car Park