Howick and Craster – Apr 2021


Date: 25th April 2021
Start time: 10 am
Distance: 6 miles
Difficulty: Easy

Event Expired


Howick and Craster

CrasterHowick - CrasterHowick_24062020M-20-Website Craster and Howick

This is a lovely 6 mile walk around Howick and Craster. It takes in the countryside around Howick and Craster as well as the fantastic coast.

Details – Howick and Craster

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The start – Sea Houses

This isn’t the town of Seahouses, where you get fish and chips.  It is a farm close to Howick and Rumbling Kern beach.  There is a small car park here that is free.  It is also close to Sugar Sands, which is near the end of the walk.

We will set off along the road from here and towards Howick Hall.

Howick Hall

CrasterHowick - CrasterHowick_14032020J-8 Craster and Howick

Howick Hall was the family home of Earl Grey.  This is the Earl Grey of tea fame.  The Grey family lived there from 1782 until 1973, when the 5th Earl died.  It is currently the home of Lord Howick.  The Hall itself is not open to visitors but the gardens are and there is plenty to do, including taking tea (Earl Grey maybe)  in the tea house.  That’s a walk for another day.  We need to get on.

The path skirts along the outside of Howick Hall Gardens.  and onto the farmland between here and Craster.

Hips Heugh

CrasterHowick - CrasterHowick_24062020M-3-Website Craster and Howick

Continuing on we reach Hips Heugh.  This is an outcrop of Whin Sill.  The same stuff that Hadrians Wall is built on and that High Force flows over.  It has its own trig point, as it is the highest point in the immediate surrounding area.

The path leads from here towards Craster South Farm and then to Craster across fields.

Arnold Memorial Nature Reserve

CrasterHowick - CrasterHowick_24062020M-2-Website Craster and Howick

After crossing the fields, we arrive at the outskirts of Craster and at the Arnold Memorial Nature Reserve.  As we enter Craster from the Nature Reserve, we arrive at the Quarry Car Park.  The great thing about this is that we find Piper’s Pitch here.  Piper’s Pitch is the catering van by the Tourist Information Centre and sells the famous Kipper Bun and Auchtermuchty Sandwich, which are both favourites of Martin.   We will stop in Craster for lunch.

CrasterHowick - CrasterHowick_14032020J-41 Craster and Howick

From here we will continue along the Coastal Path back to the start but via the picturesque coast, the Bathing House and the beaches of Rumbling Kern and Sugar Sands.

Craster is said to be named after the family who held the Estate in the 13th century.  Although, there is some debate about the name.  It is a gorgeous example of a Northumberland fishing harbour and is, in our opinion, one of the most picturesque places on the Northumberland coast.

The Bathing House

CrasterHowick - CrasterHowick_14032020J-25 Craster and Howick

On the way back to Craster we pass The Bathing House.  It was built in the 19th Century for Earl Grey, to provide a location for the family to go bathing in the sea.  It is now a holiday let.

Rumbling Kern and Sugar Sands

These are a couple of the most secluded beaches in Northumberland.

CrasterHowick - CrasterHowick_14032020J-22 Craster and Howick

Rumbling Kern is an odd name for a small beach.  It is said to have been a favourite for whisky smugglers in the day.  It is a sheltered beach between inward facing cliffs.  This makes it a very secluded and peaceful place to spend an afternoon.

CrasterHowick - CrasterHowick_24062020M-22-Website Craster and Howick

Sugar Sands is a favourite of many visitors here.  On a sunny day this has Mediterranean feel, owing to the white sand that gives it its name and the rock outcrops.

The way back to the car park is via the bridleway from here, which brings us out directly into the car park at the start.

Hope to see you there,

Julie and Martin x

Gallery – Craster and Howick

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This shows the start location for this walk.
Nearest postcode: NE66 3LH
OS Grid Reference: NU 25884 17348
Toilets: The nearest toilets are at the Tourist Information Centre, next to the Quarry Car Park entrance in Craster.
Parking: We will park at the free parking area adjacent to Sea Houses farm.  NOTE: This is not the town of Seahouses.
Directions: Head towards the entrance to Howick Hall but take the sharp right-hand bend towards the coast.  Continue along this road until it bends right.  The entry to the car park is on the right, adjacent to a farm.