Alnwick River Walk – Jan 2024


Date: Saturday 20 January 2024
Start time: 10.00 am
Distance: 6 miles
Difficulty: Easy

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Alnwick River Walk

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Alnwick River Walk is a short walk around Alnwick, following the River Aln for much of this.  Along the way we get great views of the Castle and Hulne Park.


Hills: General - AscentKey1-65x18 Some short hills
Distance: General - DistanceKey1-98x27 Medium distance
Grade: General - GradeKey0-98x27 Easy with some small hills
Map: General - 332-AlnwickAmble-Map-thumb
This walk is on OS maps Explorer 332 Alnwick & Amble  Click on map image to buy this map.
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The start

We will head along Bailiffgate and past Alnwick Castle.  We will then pass Alnwick Garden on the way out of Alnwick.

Historical Alnwick Recce - Historical_Alnwick_Recce-5.jpg

Alnwick Garden

As we walk through the grounds of the Castle we will get a brief view of the beautiful Cascade at Alnwick Garden.  A little way further we see the Treehouse Restaurant.

The path will take us out of Alnwick and under the A1.

The River Aln

The source of the River Aln is near a village called Alnham at the eastern edge of the Cheviot Hills.  It follows a meandering path all the way to Almouth.  By the time the river meets Alnwick it is in its mature stage.

AlnwickRiverWalk - AlnwickRiverWalk-Jan2022-11

Unlike many other rivers, The Aln doesn’t run through the centre of the adjacent town.  This means that we can enjoy countryside as we wander alongside it on the first part of our walk.

The Aln pastures

AlnwickRiverWalk - AlnwickRiverWalk-Jan2022-13

After crossing the B1340, we start the second part of the walk.  This is the pastures across the river from Alnwick Castle.  This is a lovely area and provides incredible views of the castle.  At the end of this stretch we arrive at the famous Lion Bridge, which sports a statue of the straight tailed Alnwick lion.  At this point we are at the eastern extent of Hulne Park.

Hulne Park

We won’t be going into Hulne Park but we will see some of it on the next part.  Unfortunately, we can’t walk by the river here, as it is in the park, which has restricted access.  We will see the river though and pass over it on the way.

AlnwickRiverWalk - AlnwickRiverWalk-Jan2022-16

Before long we see a gate that is access to a track which takes us back to Ratten Row, where we started.

Hope to see you there.

Julie and Martin x

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This shows the start location for this walk.

Nearest postcode: NE66 3HX
OS Grid Reference: NU 17978 13692
What3Words: ///envelope.originate.rewriting
Meet: Entrance to Hulne Park at Western end of Ratten Row.
Toilets: The nearest toilets are in Alnwick Market Square.
Parking: Ratten Row street parking.  This is situated on the way to Hulne Park.  Parking is free all day.