Seaburn to Marsden Grotto – 27th January 2018

Guide:  Julie
Helpers/Volunteers:  Martin and Ruth
Weather:  Sunny
Length of walk:  9 miles

The weather was amazing for late January and we had a beautiful 9 mile walk to look forward to.

The walk took us from Seaburn Park along the half mile Seaburn beach towards the Whitburn Coastal Path.

The Coastal path takes you past where the old army rifle range used to be.  The route took us to a stretch of path which overlooked a small cove, where some inventive people had set out a maze using stones.  We continued past Souter Lighthouse, where we stopped for group photos. Our lunch stop was at the Marsden Grotto (“The Grotto”).  There is a lift but most of the group took the stairs on the outside of the cliffs.  There is only one section of Marsden Rock remaining, following 2 collapses, the first in 1911 followed 85 years later by the second in 1996).  Lots of fish finger sandwiches were consumed before we headed back up the stairs to make the return journey back to Seaburn.

At the end of the walk we had a cool down, before most of the group headed to The Salthouse Kitchen for the customary tea, cake and scones.

A really enjoyable walk with a great bunch of people.  Wonderful to see Mr & Mrs Elbows, Christine, Michelle and Sharon joining us again and a warm welcome to new walker, Holly.

Thank you, as always, to Martin and Ruth for their help.

I hope you enjoyed the day and look forward to seeing you at another walk and don’t forget to check out the photos.



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