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We are sometimes asked about the gloves or straps used with our favourite poles, Leki. So, we have produced this short article detailing the types of gloves available, the size options and the poles that they fit.

The choice of gloves/straps is confusing, as there are many similar types available and several attachment methods. These attachment methods are also used across the range of poles and not just on Nordic poles. So, as a result, some of the gloves look like the standard Nordic ones but are usually used on ski poles or trail poles.

If you are thinking of purchasing any of these gloves, try clicking on the images of them. Where possible, they will take you to Amazon, where they can be purchased.

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Trigger 3 Shark Strap

Leki Trigger 3 Shark Strap
  • Pole attachment: Shark
  • Adjustment system: Hook and loop

RRP: £24.95 per pair

These straps are the workhorse of the Leki Nordic strap range. They are well made and functional.

Trigger Shark Active Strap

Leki Trigger Shark Active Strap
  • Pole attachment: Shark
  • Adjustment system: Hook and loop

RRP: £32.95 per pair

These straps are supplied with carbon poles and have a carbon fibre look to them. We first saw these straps in 2018 and were impressed with them. First impressions are that they look good. The carbon fibre look is different and attractive. Once on, they feel very comfortable. All of the gloves are comfortable but these are a step above.

Trigger 1 V2 Strap

Leki Trigger 1 Strap
  • Pole attachment: Trigger 1
  • Adjustment system: Hook and loop

RRP: £19.95 per pair

These straps are Trigger 1 and fit the poles that have the Trigger 1 attachment. They are the only option for replacing straps on poles with this attachment mechanism.

Nordic Lite Short Glove

Leki Nordic Lite Short Glove
  • Pole attachment: Shark
  • Adjustment system: Hook and loop

RRP: £38.00 per pair

These fingerless gloves provide more protection than the simple straps above. We have not tried these yet but they look to be as well manufactured as the straps. If a summer glove, with the Shark attachment, are what you want, then these are for you.

Nordic Lite Long Glove

Leki Nordic Lite Long Glove
  • Pole attachment: Shark
  • Adjustment system: Hook and loop

RRP: £40.00 per pair

These are very similar to the short gloves above but with the full finger glove, rather than the fingerless type. They are more of a winter glove and give more protection without reducing flexibility. An added advantage of these gloves is that they will allow you to use a touchscreen whilst wearing them.

Glove size advisor

Nordic walking pole straps come in three sizes. These are XS/S/M, S/M/L and M/L/XL. The size supplied with poles in the S/M/L standard size. In most cases the standard glove size will suffice. However, if you have small or large hands, you might be more comfortable with one of the other sizes.

There is a Glove Size Advisor that you can use on the Leki website.

Note: Supply of sizes other than the standard size are often in limited supply. The reason being that the demand for the other sizes is low. However, there are some opportunities to buy the other sizes. If you require other sizes, please contact us and we can advise.

Some of the features mentioned above are described in greater detail here.

Trigger Shark 2.0

Trigger Shark 2.0 is glove attachment that uses a loop on the glove, which slips over a latching mechanism. The loop clicks in and can be released by sliding the top of the pole back.

Tech - Flash_Shark_059-Custom.png
Trigger Shark 2.0 – LEKI Lenhart GmbH

Trigger 1

The Trigger 1 is another glove attachment but an earlier design than Trigger Shark 2.0. The glove is attached using a plastic insert that is pushed into the pole handle. The glove can be released by pressing the button on the top of the pole.

Tech - Trigger1-Custom.png
Trigger 1 – LEKI Lenhart GmbH

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