Learn to Nordic Walk at Wallington – 9th June 2019

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Stepping stones

This was our fifth Learn to Nordic Walk session at Wallington. As usual, we all met up in the Visitors Centre and started from there. Paperwork was completed and poles measured and handed out, we set off for the courtyard.

At the courtyard, Julie started the training. As often happens we found that the prospective Nordic Walkers were thinking about the technique too much and then it was going wrong. Of course, there is a lot to think about initially, but we assure the walkers that once they get out and use the new skill, it will become clear.

Wallington - Wallington_09062019-1.jpg
Training in front of the Clock Tower

We started out on the Riverside Walk and immediately the walkers were noticing the difference. They were also noticing the scraping of the poles on the harder surfaces. Time for a few tips to reduce this.

Walking along the river, it was clear that the plants and trees were relishing the combination of rain and warm weather. It was all much greener than the last time we did this walk. Luckily, the stepping stones were still out of the water, so we could cross them.

Wallington - Wallington_09062019-2.jpg
Out on the walk

The walk along the river and back up to the house, gives the Nordic Walkers plenty of chance to figure out the technique and ask questions and also to see how it helps them. Some had visited Wallington on many occasions and had never done the walk along the river.

When we arrived back at the house, we did our usual cool down and then visited the Clocktower Cafe for refreshments.

Everyone said that they had enjoyed the Learn to Nordic Walk at Wallington experience.

Good to meet everyone and we hope to see you again.

Julie & Martin x

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