Fame for the Nordic Nuts

Fame for the Nordic Nuts.  Tree-mendous news, in time for Christmas Walkers beside the new tree, which has been decorated.

A popular Christmas tree which was cut down – sparking an angry response from locals – has been replaced for the festive season. The tree in the Simonside hills was something of a local landmark, with walkers making the trek each year to decorate it. But it was recently cut down by the Forestry Commission, as part of work to maintain the area’s habitat. The Commission said it was unaware of its local importance and has now planted a new tree, which has subsequently been decorated. A spokeswoman said: “It will remain for the festive period. But it will have to come down again after Christmas as the site is a designated SSSI. The tree stake will remain in place so that the annual tradition can continue.“ – Northumberland Gazette

Read more at: https://www.northumberlandgazette.co.uk/news/tree-mendous-news-in-time-for-christmas-1-8920452

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