Crag Lough and Sycamore Gap – 26th September 2020

Crag Lough and Sycamore Gap CragLoughSycamoreGap - CragLoughSycamorGap_26092020-7

The Crag Lough and Sycamore Gap walk was put together to allow everyone to see Sycamore Gap from a different perspective.

The Start

We all met up at The Sill. Normally, we would have a cup of tea before setting off, but current restrictions meant we couldn’t do this. We did make use of the facilities though, as there aren’t any for the rest of the walk.

We tentatively crossed the Military Road. They drive fast along there. Once over, we walked up the hill to Steel Rigg, at quite a pace. That warmed everyone up.

CragLoughSycamoreGap - CragLoughSycamorGap_26092020-2

A short rest and we were off again. We left the road and joined a track that runs parallel to, but a distance away from, the Wall.

Crag Lough and Sycamore Gap CragLoughSycamoreGap - CragLoughSycamorGap_26092020-4

This track is a gorgeous but relatively quiet route, allowing us to see the crowds along the Wall. It gives a very different perspective of the Wall, from the non-Roman side.

Sycamore Gap – Alternative View

Eventually, we reached the point opposite the famous Sycamore Gap. We stopped to admire it for a while. I think that the general opinion is that it looks better from this side, without all of the people.

Crag Lough and Sycamore Gap SycamoreGap-CragLough - SycamoreGapCragLoughRecce_31082020M-4

We continued on past Long Side and towards Hotbank Farm. Continuing along this path would take us to Housesteads Roman Fort. This was a short walk though, so we went through the farm and towards the Wall. This gave us great views of Crag Lough, a small lake that sits under the whin sill escarpment on which the Wall sits.

Crag Lough and Sycamore Gap CragLoughSycamoreGap - CragLoughSycamorGap_26092020-6

Time for lunch. We found a little area out of the wind and rested before continuing on.

Some of the group didn’t fancy the steep climbs and descents, that are part of this section of Hadrian’s Wall. So, we split up, with some taking the easier route and the rest taking the more challenging Wall path.

We did meet up again at Sycamore Gap though, before carrying on back to Steel Rigg.

Crag Lough and Sycamore Gap SycamoreGap-CragLough - SycamoreGapCragLoughRecce_31082020M-34

The last part was reasonably easy, apart from the really steep descent from Steel Rigg. From here we headed back down the road to The Sill for a quick cool down. As before, we couldn’t take tea together, as we normally would, so said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

Hope you enjoyed it. See you at the next one.

Julie and Martin x

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