Allen Banks walk – 11th Apr 2021

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The Allen Banks walk is always beautiful and enchanting any time of the year. This time it was April and we were expecting a spring day. However, the weather had other ideas and gave us a winter day. Luckily, this one was a good winter’s day.

The Start – Allen Banks Walk

As always we started in the National Trust Car Park. When we arrived, it was almost empty. No doubt it would fill up as the day went on.

Once everyone had arrived, Julie went through a quick training session for the new members of our troupe. A quick warm-up and away.

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Up to the top path

It’s only a few steps before we start climbing upwards on this walk. We like to take the top path because the views are so picturesque and there are some interesting things to see.

At the Summer House

We stopped at the top to get our breath back before moving on towards the Summer House. Everyone was commenting on how lovely the snow looked, giving things a rather Christmassy feel. At the Summer House we admired the view and someone decided to hug a tree. So, as usual, everyone else had to.

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Back down to the river

Just before we descended back to the riverside path, Martin beckoned everyone over to look at a curious creation. There is a circle of stones, with a centre filled with sheep knuckle bones. They are worn smooth by people walking over them.

Plankey Mill – Lunch

We arrived at Plankey Mill and declared it lunchtime. There is a wide expanse of grass here and some rocks for sitting on by the river, which make it a great spot to relax.

The other side of the river

We now followed the permissive path from Plankey Mill along the other side of the river, towards Morralee Wood.

Morralee Wood is arguably more enchanting than the woods on the other side of the river. The reason is that this side sees less sun than the other, and as a result has more mossy rocks. It is also steeper on this side and there are vertical rock faces alongside the path.

Morralee Tarn

The Tarn at the top of Morralee Wood is less visited than the riverside path. It is up a steep path and is more hidden than other areas here. However, it is definitely worth visiting. So, we all made the effort and climbed the steep path. We were rewarded with a lovely wintry scene.

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Back to the start

After enjoying the Tarn for a while we took a different path down. This path joined the original path eventually and then quickly descended towards the river. At this point snow clouds were gathering and before long we were in a snowstorm. We quickly made our way back to the car park.

AllenBanks - AllenBanks17042021-40 Allen Banks Walk

Bardon Mill

Some of the group had to leave and said their goodbyes. A few of us went to Bardon Mill Village Store and Tea Room, to get a cup of tea and a snack before heading home. Unfortunately, the snow wasn’t letting up and it got a bit too much. So we retreated to our cars and headed off.

AllenBanks - AllenBanks17042021-42 Allen Banks Walk

Hope you enjoyed it. See you at the next one.

Julie and Martin x

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