Low Newton and Beadnell – 22 August 2020

Low Newton and Beadnell LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020R-4

Low Newton and Beadnell is one of the best beach walks in Northumberland. Low Newton-by-the-Sea is a gorgeous little old traditional fishing village. It’s a great starting point for a walk up the coast and the coast here is stunning. Beadnell Bay is amazing and probably very underrated. So much so that we needed to have a walk here.

Low Newton

We actually started in High Newton-by-the-Sea because the car park is free there and the other car park gets very busy. There is a short walk to Low Newton from here but that’s not going to put us off is it.

Low Newton and Beadnell LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020R-5
Low Newton-by-the-Sea

The first stop had to be the facilities. There are public loos at Low Newton and everyone thought best to use them. They are pretty small though and it took a while to get all of us through.

Once ready. we set off along the coastal path. We had to stop at the gate though, as there was a Bull in the field. There she is.

LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020J-1
A Bull in the field

Newton Point and Football Hole

We took the path closer to the sea, rather than the Northumberland Coast Path. This path gives a better view of Newton Point, the curiously named Football Hole beach and The Snook.

On the recce we had seen dolphins here. Not today though. Maybe on the way back.

Low Newton and Beadnell LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020C-1
Football Hole beach

Beadnell Bay

After The Snook, we walked over the top of the dunes until we could get down to the beach. And what a beach. We were walking at low tide, to avoid the little tern nesting site at Long Nanny, and this gave great reflections on the wet sand.

Low Newton and Beadnell LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020M-5
Reaching the beach

We crossed the beach towards the sea, enjoying the relatively empty beach. It was a little wet but good walking.

Low Newton and Beadnell LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020M-8
Beadnell Bay south

Long Nanny Burn

It all went well up to where Long Nanny Burn runs across the beach. Some of us just accepted that our feet were about to get wet. Others weren’t going to accept the inevitable and tried, unsuccessfully, to find a shallow spot to cross. Eventually, they decided to shed their shoes and go barefoot.

Low Newton and Beadnell LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020C-6
Barefoot on the beach


Chris suggested “Plodging with Poles” (“Paddle with Poles” to those from outside of the region) in the sea. So, off they went to take off shoes and enjoy the sand between their toes.

Low Newton and Beadnell LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020R-7
Plodging with Poles


As we neared Beadnell, we started seeing jellyfish on the beach. They looked like small Lion’s Mane jellyfish, so those without shoes were warned. Nobody got stung.

Low Newton and Beadnell LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020M-11
Lion’s mane jellyfish


At Beadnell shoes were donned and and off we went for lunch.


Lunch was at the Craster Arms. Luckily, the garden was pretty empty. Surprising on such a nice day, but we weren’t complaining. The weather was great and so was the food.

Long Nanny Bird Sanctuary

Leaving Beadnell, we followed the Northumberland Coast Path. This goes behind the dunes and is very different to the beach but good in a different way. We crossed Long Nanny Burn by the bridge near the bird sanctuary.

Low Newton and Beadnell LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020R-8
The bridge over Long Nanny Burn

The path continues on towards High Newton, but we were turning back towards the dunes before then.

Newton Steads and ice cream

When we reached Newton Steads, some of us spotted the ice-cream van. Martin said that if they wanted one they should have one and most did.

After ice creams, we headed back to the dunes and retraced our steps back to Low Newton.

Newton Point

While we waited for the rest to catch up, Martin took a seat to look for dolphins and just enjoy the gorgeous weather and magnificent views. It didn’t take long for the rest to join him.

Low Newton and Beadnell LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020R-11

On arriving back at Low Newton, some opted to head home and some opted to take advantage of The Ship Inn. They were serving through the window and there was plenty of room on the green outside.

Hope you all enjoyed it.

Julie and Martin x

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