Wall and Heavenfield – 29 August 2020

Wall and Heavenfield WallHeavenfield - WallHeavenfield_29082020M-28

The Wall and Heavenfield is a short walk but so varied and beautiful. It is one of Julie’s favourite shorter walks.

The Start

We met on the village green, mainly due to the facilities. We welcomed back Mary, Ken, Sally and Jane, who we haven’t seen for a while , as well as the others who we have seen more recently.

After the warm up we headed off through the beautiful village of Wall, Jane pointed out where she lived.

Wall and Heavenfield WallHeavenfield - WallHeavenfield_29082020M-2
Leaving the village

Martin was in the lead as usual, however he didn’t know the route, so turned right when he should have turned left. Short detour (we haven’t had one of those for a while).

First uphill part coming up, through the trees to the fields. The view from here is breathtaking.

Wall and Heavenfield WallHeavenfield - WallHeavenfield_29082020M-4
The view


We made our way diagonally through a field which held a lot of cows, calves and bullocks. Every time we have done this walk they have been in the same field. We are always respectful of these beasts. Today they didn’t even lift their heads.

Wall and Heavenfield WallHeavenfield - WallHeavenfield_29082020M-10


After negotiating the stone stile we passed through Fallowfield Farm. Again the views are stunning here.

Wall and Heavenfield WallHeavenfield - WallHeavenfield_29082020M-6

Onward we went across lots of fields, until we came to a large area of wild mint. The smell was incredible.


Wall and Heavenfield WallHeavenfield - WallHeavenfield_29082020M-20

Our next stop was to be Heavenfield, however to get to Heavenfield we had to walk downhill to the footpath on the other side of the road. No problem until we told everyone they had to walk back up the hill.

We got to the Church at Heavenfield and stopped for a small snack. We admired the view and Linda visited the exhibition inside the Church.


We made our way to a small section (15 metres) of Hadrian’s Wall. It is very important as it shows that the width of the wall was narrowed from 10 to 8 feet maybe to speed up the building of the Wall. We took our group photograph here.

Wall and Heavenfield WallHeavenfield - WallHeavenfield_29082020M-28
Group photo

Back to Wall

From Planetrees, it was just a short walk through some lovely woods and along a road. We were back to Wall.

We did a cool down and agreed where we were going to tea.

Wall and Heavenfield WallHeavenfield - WallHeavenfield_29082020M-30

Tea time

Afterwards, we went along to Chollerford and The Riverside Kitchen. When we were all full up, we said our goodbyes and went on our way.

Hope you enjoyed it. See you at the next one.

Julie and Martin x

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