Newbiggin by the Sea and River Wansbeck – 6th January 2019

Newbiggin - Newbiggin_06012019J-8.jpg

The first walk of 2019 saw us visit the town of Newbiggin by the Sea. It was great to welcome everyone back and also Christine’s daughter Stacey, who was with us for her first walk.

Whilst waiting for everyone to arrive we admired the Couples structure standing on the breakwater off Newbiggin by the Sea.

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We warmed up and headed towards the beach. We walked past some bollards topped with puffin statues. Cue first group shot of the day.

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Once down onto the very soft sand. We moved closer to the waters edge to try and find some firmer sand. Walking on soft sand is very difficult and really works your glutes and legs. The beach is very short so we headed up onto the England Coast Path.

The Coast Path passes through the Sandy Bay Caravan Park which was closed up for the winter so was very quiet.

After passing through the caravan park we moved down to the edge of the River Wansbeck before we walked along the pathway passing under the A189 towards Cambois Rowing Club.

Newbiggin - Newbiggin_06012019R-6.jpg

We took the opportunity to stop for lunch by the river before heading back along the same route. The weather was unseasonably warm and a few of us discarded our jackets and were down to t-shirts.

Newbiggin - Newbiggin_06012019R-9.jpg

As we came back to Newbiggin by the Sea we stayed up on the promende and stopped at the smaller version of the couple statue and another group photo was taken.

The Newbiggin Maritime Centre was to be our final stop before heading home.

Thank you everyone for joining me and I hope to see you all at another walk.

Julie x

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