Hauxley Nature Reserve – 13th January 2019

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A short teaching session started this shorter walk as we had 3 new walkers, Sue, Pete and Emma joining us.

The rest of the group met up with us and after a warm up we headed down towards Druridge beach and pushed on with techniques getting better as we powered on.

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The Northumberland coast has many WW2 coastal defences (tank traps) and we walked past more of these remarkable structures.

On heading back to the Nature Reserve, Pete and Sue mentioned how they were feeling their shoulders and arms and Emma commented on how much better her posture was. In their first walk they were seeing and feeling instant positives.

We completed the walk by walking around the whole of the Nature Reserve. We spotted a group of twitchers very excited and interested by a bird. I asked what they were watching. They answered with “eider ducks” as they hadn’t seen them often. Martyn said that these ducks in Northumberland are commonly called Cuddy ducks, named after Cuthbert.

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On reaching the cars we did a stretch and cool down before heading into The Lookout Cafe for cake and tea.

It was fantastic to see everyone again and to welcome Pete, Sue and Emma and I hope to see you all soon.

Julie x

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