Crammel Linn Walk – 25th May 2019

We arrived in Gilsland bright and early, ready for the Crammel Linn walk. First things first, Julie, Martin and Anne went directly to the House of Meg cafe for breakfast. The bacon sandwich was excellent and perfect fuel for a walk.

The start – Gilsland

Once everyone arrived at the start, we did our traditional warm up and set off. A short walk through the village led us to a path marked Irthing House. This path took us along the River Irthing, on the Northumberland side. The river marks the border between Cumbria and Northumberland from Gilsland right up to it’s source.

Crammel_Linn - Crammel_Linn_2505219M-1.jpg
Walking along the River Irthing

The path deviates from the river, for a short period, to climb up this hill before turning towards the spa. This provides a great opportunity for views over Gilsland and the surrounding fells. Soon we were heading back down towards the river, through woodland.

Crammel_Linn - Crammel_Linn_2505219M-3.jpg
Admiring the view

Back to the river

Back at the river we took a look at the bridge over to the spa. The view of the river here is lovely and we spent a few moments here admiring it. Julie went over to take a look at the spring but we could smell the sulphurous water from the bridge. It’s surprising that people had the stomach to drink that stuff.

Crammel_Linn - Crammel_Linn_2505219R-6.jpg
The spa bridge

The Popping Stone

Onward and we went through the small nature reserve to the Popping Stone footbridge. It was decided that it we should visit the Popping Stone. It is believed that the Popping Stone is where Sir Walter Scott proposed to his soon to be wife, although it is likely that the history of the stone dates back long before this.

Crammel_Linn - Crammel_Linn_2505219R-1.jpg
Posing at the Popping Stone

Crammel Linn

Returning from the Popping Stone, we took a path up through fields and woodland, roughly following the river. The path eventually emerges a short distance from the waterfall. We tackled the precarious rough steps down to the river bank and sat ourselves down for and snack and a little time to relax and enjoy the enchanting view.

Crammel_Linn - Crammel_Linn_2505219R-2.jpg
Relaxing by Crammel Linn

Back to Gilsland and House of Meg

Once relaxed and fed we set off back along the path that we had come. We stopped once to collect pine cones for Ruth’s crafting supplies and then carried on. It seemed a lot easier and quicker on the way back. Maybe the prospect of an afternoon lunch back at House of Meg beckoned us. What a lovely way to spend a day.

Thank you all for coming along.

Julie and Martin x

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