The Wannie Line – 11 July 2020

WannieLine - WannieLine_11072020M-4 Wannie Line

The Wannie Line or what was once the Wansbeck Railway is a great walk.  It is situated in the Wallington Estate and is mostly made up of permissive path, provided by Wallington.

The start

We started by parking in the car park of the former National Trust Regional Office, in Scots’ Gap. The entrance is quite difficult to find, Martin positioned himself at the gateway to indicate the entrance.

It was a small group today, no need to split up but social distance rules were followed. We got started and did our warm up before following a short path to take us to the Wannie Line itself.

WannieLine - WannieLine_11072020M-22 Wannie Line
Path to the Wannie Line

The Rothbury Line

We were on the Wannie Line for a very short time before we followed the Rothbury Branch. The birdsong was incredible, so many different species. We recognised some of them, most noticeably the chiffchaff.

WannieLine - WannieLine_11072020M-2 Wannie Line
The Rothbury Branch Line

The flora was beautiful and varied as we walked along the river bank, the path had been cleared so was very easy to walk along.

Wannie_Line_Recce - Wannie_Line_Recce_16052019-6.jpg Wannie Line
Delf Plantation

We stopped for a quick break, Bob spotted a fish jumping in the river. Although they obviously went shy, as the rest of us didn’t see them.

WannieLine - WannieLine_11072020M-11 Wannie Line
The quarry

We followed the path through a small woodland, which came out onto farmland. This was to be our view until we reached a quarry. One of the finger posts was lying on the ground. Bob decided to become Bob the Fixer. After finding a stone he righted the post. Another good deed by one of our walkers.

WannieLine - WannieLine_11072020M-13 Wannie Line
Fixing the post

Lime Kilns

The lime kilns are a different shape to those that we usually see. They are pointed rather than rounded. They were currently being used by the rams as cover. Continuing along an old lane near Gallows Hill farm we met another walker. This was the first time we encountered another person on the walk. We crossed a road and walked though more fields.

WannieLine - WannieLine_11072020M-23 Wannie Line
Lime kilns

We came across a ford, which very helpfully had a bridge nearby. Bob decided to walk across the ford. It was a little deeper than he expected. but cooled his feet down.

WannieLine - WannieLine_11072020M-15 Wannie Line
Bob cooling off


One of the fields we walked through enclosed some bullocks. They started off at the other side of the field but decided that we looked interesting and came to investigate. They followed us down the field and stood a short way off us. Bullocks are very curious beasts.

WannieLine - WannieLine_11072020M-18 Wannie Line
The bullocks

Mid walk stop

We found an area which was perfect for our lunch stop. Martin, as is becoming usual, had brought his latest bake for testing. This time it was Rocky Road. Delicious.

WannieLine - WannieLine_11072020M-21 Wannie Line

The Wannie Line

This part of the walk is different to the Rothbury Branch.  The Rothbury Branch part is mainly on embankments but the Wannie Line is different.  Much of this part is level with the surrounding area, so runs directly through fields, although the old track bed can still be seen.

Wannie_Line_Recce - Wannie_Line_Recce_16052019-12.jpg
The Wannie Line

The last part here is through a cutting, which has been taken over by trees.  Along the rest of the line the farm animals have no regard for history and the line is just another food source. 

Back to the cars

When we got back to the cars we did our cool down and stretches. Unfortunately there are no amenities here so we decided to visit the Blacksmiths Coffee Shop near Belsay.

Thank you

Thank you for coming along. We hope you enjoyed the walk and see you all soon

Julie and Martin x

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