Take your Nordic Walking to the next level – 14th July 2018

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This walk was a little different from our usual walks, in that it mainly focused on training.  It kicked off a weekend of Nordic Walking training, with a second session taking place on Sunday.

We welcomed two new walkers to our group Maggie who was on holiday in Northumberland and wanted to do some Nordic Walking and Sylvia, a friend of Sandra.

The training

AdvancedTraining - AdvancedTraining-14072018J-13.jpgWe started with a session of training before going for a short walk.  The training consisted of a quick recap of the first five steps of the INWA 10 Step Method™, followed by more in-depth training of the second five steps.

The exercise called “The train” is a great way to illustrate the range of arm movement expected from the advanced Nordic walker.  It’s also a great way to get people working together.

“The train” sets you up to learn how to use the poles more effectively, so that you can get the full benefit of Nordic Walking.

The walk

AdvancedTraining - AdvancedTraining-14072018J-10.jpgAfter a good training session we were ready to put what we had learned into practice.  The beach at Bamburgh is a wonderful place to walk so off we went.  Maggie had never Nordic walked on a beach before and remarked at the amount of purchase that sand provides for the poles.

Once we were away from the area in front of Bamburgh Castle the crowds of people disappeared and walking was peaceful.  We walked about two and a half miles along the beach.  Now and again we had to plodge across some rivulets.  At this point we decided that we didn’t want to go on to Seahouses and would return to Bamburgh.

The tea room

On arriving back at Bamburgh, we did a cool down routine and then dropped our bags and poles into the cars.  Keen to get out of the sun we walked into the village and went to The Copper Kettle.  Tea’s, coffee’s, crab sandwiches, cakes and even a kipper in a bun were enjoyed.

Another great day with great people.  Hope to see you all again on another walk soon.

Julie and Martin

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