Swarland Wood – 12th August 2018

Swarland Wood

We were unlucky on the day of the Swarland Wood walk as the amazing weather we have enjoyed decided to take a day off.  We woke to torrential rain across the area.

A few cancellations were received.  However Mary, Ken and Sharon weren’t to be put off, I think the lure of the Nelsons on the Park tea room may have swung it for them.

Once we had met up we decided to give the rain a chance to ease off and had a quick snack.

We headed past the Percy Wood Golf Club into Swarland Wood.  We were greeted by an abundance of footpaths and set off.  The ground was still quite dry and we were fairly sheltered by the trees so we weren’t too wet.

Unfortunately we didn’t see any deer today but Sharon spotted a stoat running across the path in front of us.

We were greeted by a fantastic panoramic view of Northumberland (this is a previous photograph).  Mary commented that it looked very like her childhood home county of Somerset especially in light of the weather.

After 4 miles we decided to head back to the Nelsons on the Park as we were meeting Audrey, whom we hadn’t seen for a while, for a coffee.

It was a lovely walk in a beautiful woodland and our quiche afterwards was delicious.

Thank you for braving the weather.

Julie x

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