Strolls With Poles – Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes

Last year (2022) we were asked if we would like to take part in a TV programme with Robson Green. Obviously, we said yes and back in October 2022, we had the pleasure of filming with Robson and the best selling author L J Ross (Louise). The clips below show our part in the show. The show is aired on BBC2 at 6.30 pm. We feature in Episode 14. All episodes are available on BBCiPlayer.

Budle Bay

This is the intro as Robson and Louise drive to Budle Bay.


Here Robson and Louise meet Julie and are introduced to the group. They are given some background on Nordic Walking and Julie explains where we are going to walk.


Robson and Louise are taught the basics of Nordic walking, within the limited time available. This has been edited down, so is not a typical training session. You see Lorraine demonstrating the technique.

Adele’s bit

During the walk, two of our regulars were interviewed about walking with Strolls With Poles. In this clip Adele explains to Robson what it gives her.

Chris’s bit

The second interview is with Chris. She explains to Louise how walking has helped her following illness.


This is the end of our clip, where Robson and Louise say goodbye.

Interested in Nordic Walking and joining Strolls with Poles

If this programme has raised your interest in Nordic Walking with Strolls with Poles. Please visit our website where you will find more information and details of our training sessions and upcoming walks.

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