St Cuthbert’s Cave – 10th November 2018

StCuthbertsCave - StCuthbertsCave_10112018R-1.jpg We arrived early, as usual, so we visited the shop in Belford for a takeaway cup of tea.  Belford is only about 10 minutes away so we headed off to the St Cuthbert ‘s Cave car park, to enjoy our drinks. StCuthbertsCave - StCuthbertsCave_10112018R-2.jpgWhen everyone arrived we did the customary warm up before setting off up the track towards the Cave.  Very soon we were at the Cave.  Everyone took a bit of time to investigate, taking plenty of photographs.  Martin went to the rocks overlooking the cave entrance and spotted a large inscription on the large rock in front of the Cave.  We’d never noticed this before. From here we continued South.  There are great views of the Cheviots from here, especially Cheviot itself.  Continuing on, we came to more rocks.  Anne decided to repeat her rock climbing feat from the last time we walked here. StCuthbertsCave - StCuthbertsCave_10112018R-4.jpgThe walk took us further South, through fields and along tracks towards a farm, before a sharp turn East.  A little further and we were at our lunch stop, by a lake.  This is a private lake but there is a lovely spot close by, where we could sit down for lunch.  As it was Ruth’s birthday, she had made some of her famous lemon drizzle cake.  We each had at least one piece.  It was very tasty. The lighting was lovely over the lake, so plenty of photos were taken, before we moved on. StCuthbertsCave - StCuthbertsCave_10112018R-6.jpgFurther up the track, we found a bull in the field.  A Ruth Bull that is.  Not nearly as dangerous as a real one and much nicer.  There were some interested cows in this field though.  We walked past them as they stood and watched us. When we reached the junction of St Oswald’s Way and St Cuthbert’s Way, we were rewarded by a great view of the coast and Holy Island.  This must be a very inspiring place for the walkers of both long distance routes. StCuthbertsCave - StCuthbertsCave_10112018R-7.jpg The next leg of the walk was particularly interesting to Ruth.  It was conifer woodland and there were pine cones everywhere.  Apparently these were perfect for making pine cone elves. StCuthbertsCave - StCuthbertsCave_10112018R-8.jpgThe last part of the walk heads back towards St Cuthbert’s Cave, giving us more of the great views of the Cheviots.  As we headed back we could hear some shooting.  Close to the car park we could see a shooting party and could hear the beaters as they tried to get the pheasants into the air. Back in the car park, we cooled down with a much appreciated stretch, before heading off to the Well House Coffee Shop in Belford. Another lovely walk.  See you on the next one. Julie and Martin

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