Souter Lighthouse to South Shields – 20th Feb 2022

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The walk from Souter Lighthouse to South Shields was a day of two halves. The walk out was better than expected. Sunny with showers but beautiful rainbows and moody skies made the already spectacular coast look even better.

Souter Lighthouse

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After posing for a photo under the lighthouse we set off along the coast. Soon reaching the Grotto at Marsden, we went down the stairs to the beach. However, even though the tide was out, there didn’t appear to be much sand. It looks like the recent storms have washed some of the beach away, especially at the north end of the bay.

Marsden Bay

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We found it too difficult to walk over the now rocky shore and opted to take the stairs back to the cliff top. Last time we were here we could easily walk round to Camel Island, before taking the path back to the cliff top.

From here we just followed the coastal path to South Shields, past Frenchman’s Bay and Trow Rocks, where we eventually got a chance to walk on a beach.

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As we left the beach we realised that we had timed the weather perfectly. It started to really pour down as we reached Minchella’s Cafe at South Marine Park. Luckily, we had reserved tables.

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After a lovely lunch we looked out to see that the rain had eased but was still there. This made for a more rapid walk back to Marsden Grotto, for some warmth and refreshments on the way back.

Marsden Grotto

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Before long we were back to the start.

Hope you all enjoyed the walk, regardless of the weather. See you next time.

Julie and Martin x

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