Learn to Nordic Walk at Wallington – 12th May 2019

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Our fourth training session at Wallington.  Julie took the training. We started in the Visitors Centre, as usual, by introducing Strolls with Poles and Nordic Walking in general.


Everyone was provided with poles, apart from those who brought their own, a rare occurrence for a training session. Also unusual was that we were joined by two men, Matt and Garry, as the training is generally popular with women. Once ready, we went round to the courtyard for the training. As with last time we had everyone carry their poles and walk normally, to illustrate arm movement.


The training worked well, with everyone finding it relatively easy. The courtyard at Wallington is perfect for training. Doing the train drill illustrated the range of arm movement required, as well as who was in control.

The Walk

The weather was great and was perfect for a walk along the river. We followed the path, illustrating the benefits of Nordic Walking and giving guidance as required. Matt and Garry were keen to see what Nordic Walking fast was like, so Martin took them for a fast walk up to the bridge. They could quickly see how it could increase heart rate quickly. After this we tried Nordic skipping and running. Matt was particularly impressed with skipping.


After a short cool down, we all visited the Wallington Clocktower Cafe to round off the day. As usual, lunch was lovely.

Good to meet everyone and we hope to see you again.

Julie & Martin


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Strolls with poles – Nordic Walking for Fun and Fitness

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