Learn to Nordic Walk at Clara Vale – 4th May 2019

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The Clara Vale group

Clara Vale is a small village close to Crawcrook. It used to be a pit village but the coal mine was demolished long ago. However, the community is still thriving. We were invited to demonstrate Nordic Walking and help people learn how to Nordic Walk here, at Clara Vale Village Hall. As part of this we were invited to have breakfast before the training session, so we did. While taking breakfast and drinking tea we met with the people who would be training with us.

Once introductions had been done, we went out to the play area next to the village hall. Here we could explain about Nordic Walking and get everyone used to the poles. Next we started the training and instruct on the technique required for Nordic Walking. We even did some drills to illustrate the degree of movement that Nordic Walking can provide.

After sufficient instruction, we went out on a short walk through the golf course and along the River Tyne. Almost immediately the walkers noticed a difference. Some were feeling the effort in their shoulders and others feeling more stable and less pressure on legs. On the way back we tried walking up a hill and lifting the poles. This is always the time when the most difference can be felt, as the weight of walking goes back onto the legs. One of the biggest benefits of using poles is when going up hills.

This was a lovely group and we are looking forward to the second Nordic Walking training session at Clara Vale on the 26th May. One or two from this session are booking onto the second session too. Thank you for coming along and hope to see you again.

Julie and Martin x


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