Happy Valley – 18th May 2019

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The group shot

Here we were at the Carey Burn Bridge. The start of the Happy Valley Walk. We were welcoming Matt and Garry on their first Strolls With Poles walk, after attending a training session, at Wallington recently. It was also great to see Ally again.

The weather was a little on the damp side and likely to stay that way. So, undeterred, we warmed up and set off. The first part of the walk takes us along South bank of the Harthope Burn. before turning sharp right for the climb to Brands Hill

Brands Hill

We climbed Brands Hill for two reasons. One, to get a great view of the surrounding area and two, to get a work out with the Nordic poles. One out of two isn’t bad. The clouds generally obscured the view but we stayed in good spirits. Normally, we would stop for lunch here, but the consensus was that we weren’t that hungry and could wait for the tea shop.

Continuing over and down the hill, we followed the path through farmland. Someone spotted a hare and we also saw partridge and lapwings both chicks and adults. The path continues through Old Middleton, a ruined small village, and onto North Middleton before reaching the ford.

We stopped at the ford for a snack before entering Happy Valley itself. This part of the walk is the prettiest, as the path winds along the bank of the Harthope Burn and through woodland.

Happy_Valley - Happy_Valley_18052019M-4.jpg
Snack time

Happy Valley opens out onto pasture. It’s also lovely but you have to be wary of the cattle. Matt had gone off in front but the bullocks in this field were particularly curious and followed him. We entered the field and, once they saw us they came over for a look. They are naturally curious but relatively harmless as they are easily chased off.

Happy_Valley - Happy_Valley_18052019M-6.jpg
Garry admiring the pasture – and watching the cattle follow Matt

After negotiating a few more mature cows we reached the end of the walk, by the cars. A quick cool down and off we went to The Terrace Cafe in Wooler, for refreshments.

See you soon.

Julie & Martin


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