First Time For Everything – 19th November 2019

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We had been contacted by Louise at the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) to provide a training session for the over 55s, as part of the First Time For Everything project which is funded by Prudential. Obviously, we obliged and suggested Alnmouth as the place to conduct the training.

We started by meeting at Alnmouth Beach car park, where Louise checked everyone in and we handed out poles. Once we had shown everyone how to put the gloves on and unhook from the poles, we headed down onto the beach.

It was a lovely day for training on the beach. A little on the cold side but the sun was out and the views were amazing.

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Julie started the training and got into the new sequence of the INWA 10 step method. It went well and before long everyone was familiar with the basics. Time for a walk.

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Alnmouth beach is small but it’s great for walking on and just about the right size for a short walk. By this point everyone was chatting and enjoying the experience. This helps as the more you think about walking with poles, the more mistakes creep in.

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We finished the session with a few stretches and then a visit to The Village Tearooms in Alnmouth. We know this tea room well, as it is a key part of several of our walks.

Thank you to Louise and to all of the ladies who came along. It was a lovely day and really nice to meet you all. Hope to see you all again soon.

Julie and Martin x

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