Cresswell Beach – 25th February 2018


Walk: Cresswell Beach
Guide: Julie
Helper/Volunteer: Anne
Weather: Sunny but cold
Distance of walk: 4 miles

Training session

I added a training session and short walk, at Cresswell Beach, onto the programme as there were a few people interested in trying Nordic walking.  There were also some regulars who wanted a refresher of their technique.

The beach is an ideal surface to learn the INWA 10 Step Method™ for a few reasons:

1.  The surface is flat with no obstacles, which means your posture remains correct without worrying about tripping over;

2.  When placing your pole behind you it is much easier to get good purchase to push through the strap to assist your technique;

3.  You can check behind you as to whether you are dragging your pole because you will leave a little trail. If you leave a little trail behind you this just means you need to push harder into the strap; and

4.  Most importantly, you always have beautiful scenery.

Welcome to Michelle, Julie and John for whom it was their first (and hopefully not last) Strolls with Poles Nordic walk. It was lovely to see Pam and John again and some of our regular walkers Anne, Sharon, Mary, Ken, Andrea and Martyn.  A few of us popped to the Drift Café as we arrived early so took the opportunity to have a quick cuppa and use the facilities.

Onto the beach

Poles were given to those who didn’t have them and we headed to Cresswell Beach to start our training.

I began by explaining where Nordic walking started and the benefits compared to walking without Nordic walking poles.

I explained the first few steps and included an exercise to demonstrate how straight your arms should be, how far your shoulders can move back and to help with the co‑ordination of legs and arms.

After this, we set off along the beach, near the water edge for the firmer sand, and it was quite a pace. One of our new walkers was struggling with the technique so I dropped back to help her, increasing the pace to her normal walking speed and in no time she had mastered it and was striding off.

Andrea, Mary and Michelle had sped off and were in the distance. The rest of the group stopped at the 2 mile mark and I called Andrea to get her to come back.

Back to The Drift

We finished the walk, popped our poles away and headed to The Drift Café.  Some went for lunch and others just for a cup of tea.

I hope everyone enjoyed the walk and found the training useful.

Thank you Anne for helping out and Martyn for taking some photographs.

Next walks are: 3rd March 2018 at Newbiggin-by-the-Sea and 24th March 2018 at Blanchland.  I hope to see you soon.


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