Strolls with Poles – Coronavirus

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Strolls With Poles - Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus and the associated disease COVID19 at the front of everyones mind, you might be asking if Strolls with Poles are still going ahead with our walks. The advice from government is to practice social distancing, after all.

Nevertheless, getting outdoors can have huge benefits, both physically and mentally. Walking outdoors is encouraged in the current guidance, as long as you can keep a short distance from other people.

So, we will be continuing with our walk schedule for the time being. However, we will encourage everyone to take measures like handwashing and using hand sanitiser, as well as reducing contact with each other.

Obviously, if you think you have symptoms, please follow the current advice.

It is likely that the advice will change on a daily basis for the foreseeable future. We will continue to listen to advice and adapt what we do.

Strolls With Poles Community

As anyone that has walked with us before will know, we are a friendly bunch. As a result, we have walking friends all over the region, many of whom are happy to help if required. So, if you’re isolating or just plain bored of it all, please do ask and we’ll try to arrange something.

Temporary changes to cancellation policy

Until further notice, if you have made a booking and decide to cancel for reasons associated with coronavirus or COVID19, please contact us to request a credit or refund.

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Strolls with Poles – Nordic Walking for Fun and Fitness

Good wishes

I am so grateful to my wonderful Nordic walkers.  These are just a few of the good wishes I received following the start of Strolls with Poles

“Congratulations on your new venture”

“Hope the business goes really well.”

“Good to see you ‘stepping’ out on your own. I like the longer walks in your program for next year.
Good luck with Strolls with Poles and we hope to see you in the New Year.”

“I’m glad to hear that you will continue to lead the walks.”

“Good luck with the new venture, and see you in the New Year!”

“Thank you keeping me in the loop and I am delighted to hear of your new venture”

“Good luck with the new venture and hope to see you on 27th Jan God willing! Have a super Christmas and New Year and keeeep Strolling !!”

“Wishing you luck in your new adventure and all the best for 2018.”

“Fabulous news.
Yes keep me up to date with what’s going on please.”

“Programme looks good, I presume there would be scope to add in the odd walk if someone came up with a good idea.
Well done”

“The programme looks good, at least we are getting together at least twice a month which is better than the once a month.
I hope it really kicks off for you, I will be at as many as I can get to.”

“Have had a quick look at the programme for Jan-Aug 2018… like what you’ve got. Lots of variety & different distances to challenge those wanting longer walks. Looks good!  Also like that you’ve got some “challenge walks in there too.”

“That’s fab. Good for you.”

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Fame for the Nordic Nuts

Fame for the Nordic Nuts.  Tree-mendous news, in time for Christmas Walkers beside the new tree, which has been decorated.

A popular Christmas tree which was cut down – sparking an angry response from locals – has been replaced for the festive season. The tree in the Simonside hills was something of a local landmark, with walkers making the trek each year to decorate it. But it was recently cut down by the Forestry Commission, as part of work to maintain the area’s habitat. The Commission said it was unaware of its local importance and has now planted a new tree, which has subsequently been decorated. A spokeswoman said: “It will remain for the festive period. But it will have to come down again after Christmas as the site is a designated SSSI. The tree stake will remain in place so that the annual tradition can continue.“ – Northumberland Gazette

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