Bellingham and Hareshaw Linn Recce

Yesterday we went out to check out the walk at Bellingham and Hareshaw Linn.  This walk is scheduled for next Saturday, so we needed to get going.  We haven’t walked here before, so weren’t sure what to expect.

Carriages Tea Room

Bellingham - IMG_20180512_133948-Custom.jpgUnusually for us, we started at a tea room.  I say a tea room, but Carriages Tea Room is not actually a room, or a building for that mater.  It is, in fact, a pair of renovated period railway carriages.  Hence the name.  We had set off from home at midday, without any lunch, so felt that we needed sustenance before the walk.  Julie had a ham and cheese toastie and I (Martin) had a bacon and mushroom sandwich.  Both came with salad, crisps and coleslaw and were washed down with a large pot of tea.  Freshly refueled, we started the walk.

The start

Bellingham - IMG_20180512_151703_2-Custom.jpgWe weren’t entirely sure where to start the walk, so explored a little.  Settling on a path close to the tea room, we went through a gate and into a field.  Following paths across the fields, we reached a position where we had an amazing view of the countryside around Bellingham and the path that we had just walked.  As we continued on we crossed into an open access area.  The path took us down towards the river before returning to the road, just before an old railway bridge.

The North Tyne

Bellingham - DSC_1998-Custom.jpegA short distance under the railway bridge and along the road, we headed down towards the North Tyne.  The walk along the river is one of the highlights of the walk.  The scenery is enchanting and very peaceful.  We walked the 2km of riverside path back towards the village, enjoying the sound of the river and the birds and the sight and smell of the wild flowers.  We observed that there were plenty of opportunities to picnic here.

Hareshaw Linn

Bellingham - DSC_2005-Custom.jpegWe saved the major highlight of the walk for last.  Hareshaw Linn is 1.5miles from the village. The  walk to the waterfall is wonderful in itself.  There are smaller waterfalls all the way up to Hareshaw Linn.  Also, there are many other interesting features like the ruined iron works, the ancient woodland, the six bridges, viewing points and information boards, that add interest.  Culminating in the fantastic Hareshaw Linn waterfall that appears around the final bend.Bellingham - DSC_2012-Custom.jpeg  Surrounded by high walls of sandstone, the waterfall is framed beautifully.  A perfect place for a rest and a few photographs, before heading back down to the car park and home.

We hope to see you on the walk next week.

Bellingham & Hareshaw Linn

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