Booking and paying for a walk

If you are having difficulty booking and paying, this step-by-step guide should help you.


All walks can be booked either from the Walk booking page Walk booking – Strolls With Poles – Nordic Walking or from the page for the walk that has been selected.

When you select “BOOK NOW” the walk will be added to your basket (just like any other shopping website).  You do not need to be logged in at this point.

Don’t forget you can book more than one walk at a time.

Booking and paying

Before you checkout you can change the contents of your basket.  This includes being able to delete items, change quantities and apply voucher codes to your basket.  The “Update basket” button, under the contents, will update the total before checkout.

Once you are happy with the contents of your basket you can checkout using the “Proceed to checkout” button, under the basket totals.  This will take you to the Checkout page.


If you have not already logged into the website, you will be asked to login at this point.

If you do not have an account you will need to enter your billing details and set up a password for your account. (The password must meet the security requirements shown beneath it or you will not be able to create an account).

If you are a returning customer, please use the Click here to login button.

Booking and paying

When you reach the checkout page you can review your order and select your payment method.

Booking and paying

The current payment methods that we accept are:

Direct bank transfer
This method is often called BACS and requires you to use either phone or internet banking to directly transfer money from your account to our account.  Our account details are made available when the order is placed.

Cheque payments
This method simply requires you to send a cheque to our address.  Address details will be made available when the order is placed.

Neither of these methods require us to hold any of your bank details on our website and are the safest methods for payment.

Note: You must read and accept the terms and conditions of the website before the order can be placed.

Place order

If you have either logged in or created a new account, you will see your order details under “Order Received”.  The details required for your chosen payment method will be provided here, along with your “Order number”.  You should use the “Order number” as the reference for your payment.

My account

The “My account” page allows you to see your recent orders, manage your account details and even delete your account.

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