What is Nordic Walking?

We are often asked “What is Nordic Walking?”

Nordic Walking uses specially designed poles to enhance your natural walking style.  It uses a technique that is similar to the upper body action of cross country skiing.  Indeed this is where Nordic Walking stems from.

Nordic Walking becomes a whole body exercise which can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what your age and fitness level.  From the gentler walking for health to the more athletic Nordic running.

More than 10 million people in over 40 countries around the world enjoy this outdoor activity all year round.

How will Nordic Walking benefit me and my body?

Nordic Walking poles share the effort between your upper and lower body and combine the simplicity and accessibility of walking to create a full body low impact workout.

The benefits of Nordic Walking are:

  • it can release tension in your neck and shoulders
  • it will improve your posture and gait
  • you can strengthen your back and abdominal muscles
  • it can tone problem areas such as the upper arms (bingo wings) and abdominal muscles
  • it reduces the impact on your joints
  • It can be very effective for people with mobility issues or those recovering from illness or injury
  • you can burn from 20% up to 46% more calories compared to walking without Nordic Walking poles
  • it actually feels easier than normal walking, particularly uphill because the effort is shared between the upper and lower body

Because Nordic Walking doesn’t feel like hard work
you will be happy to walk further and for longer.

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Strolls with Poles – Nordic Walking for Fun and Fitness